Marion Cultural Council awarded funding to Sippizine for FY 23.

Thank you to the Marion Cultural Council for its FY 23 grant support of the premier issue of Sippizine. The Marion Cultural Council is a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.


Alanna Nelson, founder of Sippizine Cultural Review

Written by Alanna

So here I am…

This itch, this repeating idea that wouldn’t be ignored, is evolving.  Can you imagine an online magazine where you discover and and celebrate the creative voices of Marion, Massachusetts? This itch deserves attention.

Today, you’ll only find a few scratches. In six months, this web site will debut its first issue – “Beginnings.” 

If you’ve got a creative itch, whether it be occasional or chronic, please consider contributing your verse, images or video to Sippizine.

Let’s scratch that itch together.